Rebellion brewing at the FBI: Agency in turmoil over Comey corruption

Rebellion brewing at the FBI: Agency in turmoil over Comey corruption

There was once a day when the FBI’s famed G-Men were celebrated on stage and screen. But these days the luster of the FBI’s star has decidedly faded especially with the decision of its director to allow the criminal activities perpetrated by Hillary Clinton to go unpunished because the director is a crass, left-wing political operative instead of a hard-nosed man of law and order. And his actions have caused a major problem among agents who still want their work to be respected.

For Americans of a certain age, “The FBI” immediately conjures up the stirring horns of the theme song for “The FBI” TV series starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. The show which so proudly noted was “a Quinn Martin production” at the start of every episode had a fairly long run airing from 1965 to 1974.

The series was probably one of the best examples for the gravity and trust Americans once imbued into the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The show’s stars were always deadly serious, highly intelligent, and always got their man. They successfully investigated everything from theft, to espionage, murder, and fraud and the public ate it up year after year.

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