The best 9 places to survive World War III

The best 9 places to survive World War III

[Ed. – This would be a matter of opinion, of course, but the (UK) Sun has done some homework for you.  They probably want to rethink Guam.  Given the U.S. military presence there, the island is likely to be at the top of the wrong lists.]

We live in dangerous times, and the threat of global annihilation is always lurking just around the corner. …

From the frozen deserts of Iceland to the built-up city of Cape Town, these places are all ideal for surviving an apocalypse scenario.


As Insider reports, Iceland is hundreds of miles away from any other land, so it shouldn’t be a target in a World War 3 scenario. …

Kansas City

In the event of a non-nuclear war, this is the place to be. The city is surrounded by fertile farmland, and is the ideal spot to defend against attackers. …


An easily-defendible island with a strong military presence, Guam is a wise place to hole up if you want to survive a worldwide conflict.

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