Former Sanders supporter aims to get more blacks to vote Republican

Former Sanders supporter aims to get more blacks to vote Republican

A Bernie Sanders turned Trump supporter has started an effort to convince urban voters to give Republicans a second look. He’s put up some cash — hoping it’ll get attention.

“Is it about what a man says– or what they do,” says Bruce Carter, as he spoke to potential voters on North Broad Street. His goal is to get more black voters — like 24-year-old Donye Randall — to vote for Republicans.

“I hear what you’re saying,” says Randall, “but I’m not supporting Trump man.”

“We need to stop being labeled by a party,” says Carter. He is founder of Black Men for Bernie. But after Bernie Sanders conceded the race to Hillary Clinton, he decided to join the Republican Party. Unfortunately, for him, he says the outreach to African-American voters was minimal.

“The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he says, “they have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

So Carter started Republicans for Urban Communities, tapping Republican donors to invest in initiative– “Earn My Vote.”

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