Report: Russian officials told to bring home their children studying abroad

Report: Russian officials told to bring home their children studying abroad
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[Ed. – Looked at closely, this doesn’t appear to be a preparation for something in the near future.  Rather, it’s a Russian nationalist move, something to affirm the value and quality of Russian culture, and reduce the exposure of next-gen Russians to internationalist/globalist thinking.  There seems to be an aspect of preventing a brain-drain about it; the post at the Russian website suggests similarity to a travel decree Erdogan made about Turkish science and tech professionals after the July “coup.”  The post-Pax retreat from globalism has its positive aspects, but commensurate with it, the world is beginning to revert to the less desirable features of closed-door nationalism as well.  It won’t be a better world if people don’t feel free to travel, live and study together, and share ideas.]

[W]e read a report in Russian website Znak published Tuesday, according to which Russian state officials and government workers were told to bring back their children studying abroad immediately, even if means cutting their education short and not waiting until the end of the school year, and re-enroll them in Russian schools, with some concern. The article adds that if the parents of these same officials also live abroad “for some reason”, and have not lost their Russian citizenship, should also be returned to the motherland. Znak cited five administration officials as the source of the report.

The “recommendation” applies to all: from the administration staff, to regional administrators, to lawmakers of all levels. Employees of public corporations are also subject to the ordinance. One of the sources said that anyone who fails to act, will find such non-compliance to be a “complicating factor in the furtherance of their public sector career.” He added that he was aware of several such cases in recent months.

It appears that the underlying reason behind the command is that the Russian government is concerned about the optics of having children of the Russian political elite being educated abroad, while their parents appear on television talking about patriotism and being “surrounded by enemies.”

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