Hillary’s late-night TV pals aren’t funny

Hillary’s late-night TV pals aren’t funny

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among many new late-night hosts in this election cycle: They’re not funny. Instead of doing jokes about the two main presidential candidates, they are unapologetically functioning as Hillary Clinton surrogates to take outDonald Trump.

Jay Leno used to advise comedians to check their political activism at the door: “You start out as a comedian … then you become a commentator, then you’re out of show business.” Once the agenda takes priority over the punchline, the joke’s over.

Today’s late-night comedians would do well to heed Leno’s advice. Their role should not be to proselytize but to highlight the numerous foibles of the presidential candidates, both of whom are among the most disliked ever….

Seth Meyers, host of Late Night, doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for Trump, whom he trashed at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner….

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