Are Gary Johnson, Jill Stein cutting into Clinton’s lead over Trump?

Are Gary Johnson, Jill Stein cutting into Clinton’s lead over Trump?

Third-party candidates appear to be playing more of a “spoiler” role against Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, according to most polls. With the exception of the Los Angeles Times/USC Tracking poll, which has consistently favored Trump, most head-to-head polls have Clinton with a larger margin of victory over Trump than in four-way races.

In a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Clinton received 44 percent compared to 37 percent for Trump in a two-way race amongst like voters. In a four-way race amongst likely voters, Clinton also leads but by a slimmer margin: 42 percent to 36 percent.

Among registered voters, Clinton owned an even wider lead over Trump in a head-to-head race, 47 percent to 34 percent. But in a four-way race, Clinton leads Trump, 44 percent to 33 percent.

While the margins are minor—Clinton’s lead is only trimmed 1 percentage point among likely voters and 2 points among registered voters—the Clinton campaign may be worried that support for the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, combined with possibly lower voter turnout, could swing the election to Trump.

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