At least 1,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Virginia

At least 1,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Virginia
(Image via Texas Tribune)

[Ed. – More of that stuff that can’t happen, according to Democrats.  Solution: let states enforce the law in policing their voter rolls, instead of pretending it’s “racist” to enforce the law.  Keep in mind, this is just the result from eight of Virginia’s 95 counties.]

The PILF study, which former DOJ Attorney and J. Christian Adams assisted on, used an eight county sample from the Commonwealth, which did not include the large population centers of Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

The study surfaced in the wake of Andrew Spieles, a young Democrat admitting he registered 19 dead people in Harrisonburg, Virginia to vote.

The eight county sample showed that 1,046 non-citizens managed to register to vote and, according to Adams, were only caught because they renewed their driver’s licenses and told the truth about their non-citizenship status.

Adams says this situation is a result of a Clinton administration bill — known as Motor Voter Act — that passed a Democratic Congress in 1993. The law requires anyone who applies for a driver’s license must be offered to register to vote.

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