Indiana: Voter fraud investigation expands to 57 counties

Indiana: Voter fraud investigation expands to 57 counties

[Ed. – Sowing chaos.  There’s been vote fraud for years, perpetrated almost entirely by Democrats.  The organization implicated in this investigation is guaranteed to be a Soros front.  The MSM have pooh-poohed it for years.  Now, suddenly, reports of it are everywhere, and the Obama administration quite openly wants it to scare the public.  If they can’t get the people to demand that the federal government take over all the state voting systems, maybe they can at least get us to lose confidence in the outcome of the vote.  Exit point:  if they were sure Hillary was going to win, they wouldn’t be flogging this theme.]

Indiana State Police added 48 additional counties Thursday to an investigation into allegations of fraudulent voter application information in Indiana.

The investigation originally involved nine counties, but has expanded to include many more. A total of 57 are now included. …

State police say the investigation is ongoing and it is not possible to determine the number of registered voters that may have been negatively impacted. The investigation is complex, time consuming and is expected to continue for several more weeks or months.

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