Lethargic sun continues lazy and spotless; herald of new ice age?

Lethargic sun continues lazy and spotless; herald of new ice age?
The face of solar sloth. (Image: NASA SDO via Vencore Weather)

[Ed. – Based on the solar-minimum calculations from 3-4 years ago, it is time for the sun wake up now.  I think most scientists thought it would.  Note that the inactive sun in the image above is from 2015, and was posted more than 15 months ago.  Compare it to the recent 2016 image at the UK Sun link.  Scientists have been reporting the unusually low sun activity since at least 2014.  The least sunspot activity in 10,000 years would — if it bears out — have to have a meaningful effect on earth’s climate patterns.]

The Sun has “gone blank” and it could herald the arrival of an Ice Age, it has been claimed.

This chilling prediction is based on analysis of the solar surface, which is currently exhibiting a distinct lack of action.

Normally, the face of our parent star is pocked by sunspots.

But it’s looking as smooth as a billiard ball right now and sunspots are appearing at the lowest rate for 10,000 years as solar activity slows down.

On the website Space Weather, a forecaster said there were more blank suns to come.

“There will be lots of spotless suns,” they said.

“At first, the blank stretches will be measured in days; later in weeks and months.

“The current blank spell is the 4th such interval of 2016, so far.”

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