If Bill Clinton had a son… wait, does he?

If Bill Clinton had a son… wait, does he?

My name is Danney Lee Williams, son of Bobbie Ann Williams and former President William Jefferson Clinton — also known as Bill Clinton. My story began in 1984, when my mother and, at the time governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton meet in Little Rock, Arkansas not far from the governor’s mansion and her home — which was located not but five block from the governor’s mansion, along a route which Governor Clinton frequently jogged. After their initial encounter, my mother was propositioned by Governor Clinton and as a destitute young woman of 24, who worked as a courtesan to make ends, she obliged. She was with Bill Clinton sexually on 13 occasions, according to her.

After their first sexual encounter, they began to see each other on a regular basis over the course of several months, and eventually my mother became pregnant. My mother believed that Governor Clinton was my father back then, but wasn’t sure until I was born on December 7th, 1985. The fact that Clinton is my father did not become obvious until she realized that she had given birth to a biracial son, realizing that she had not been involved with any other Caucasian man, but Governor Clinton, during the months of March and April of that year she realized the stupefying truth.

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