Colombian voters rejected ‘peace’ agreement with FARC because it’s a bad, unworkable plan

Colombian voters rejected ‘peace’ agreement with FARC because it’s a bad, unworkable plan
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos from a speech at Harvard in 2013. (Image: Screen grab of Harvard U. video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Yes!!  Thank God for truth-sayers like Jose Cardenas and Marta Lucia Ramirez.  And for the sensible voters of Colombia, who refused to saddle themselves with an “accord” that FARC would abuse, and Colombia would quickly come to regret.]

The Colombian people didn’t reject “peace”; they rejected a deal that they believed would never bring them genuine peace. Former Colombian minister and presidential candidate Marta Lucia Ramirez put it best when she wrote prior to the vote,

It is evident that after 50 years of killings, massacres, kidnappings, recruitment of minors, terrorism, drug trafficking, and millions displaced, the Colombian people long for peace. We are all for peace, but not all are in favor of an agreement that, to end the conflict with the FARC [Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, i.e., the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia], weakens our institutions and the rule of law, and permits crimes against humanity to remain without adequate sentences and those responsible to enter politics, with risks for the future of our democracy. …

Colombian president Manuel…Santos, in his zeal to achieve his objective, lost touch with the political realities of his country. …

[T]he deal would have guaranteed the FARC a minimum of five seats in the lower house of the Colombian congress and five in the senate for two legislative periods, with guarantees of government protection and access to media. The deal would also lay the financial burden of reintegrating FARC foot-soldiers on the Colombian taxpayer, even as the FARC leadership sits on billions of dollars in ill-gotten cash stashed away in foreign bank accounts.

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