Teen invents ‘Sit With Us’ app so no high schooler has to eat alone

Teen invents ‘Sit With Us’ app so no high schooler has to eat alone
Image: Sit with Us

[Ed. – Kudos to her.]

Natalie Hampton doesn’t just have memories of being bullied in middle school; she has actual scars. “I had bruises on my body from being punched with fists or shoved into lockers, I was slapped and had my hair tied in knots, and I still have a scar on my left hand from when a girl clawed me with nails and drew blood,” Natalie told TODAY Parents….

Now 16 and a high-school junior in Sherman Oaks, California, Natalie said, “Apart from the horrific attacks, the worst thing was being treated as an outcast and having to eat lunch alone every day. I believe that being isolated branded me as a target. All I wanted was to have just one person who had my back.”

After switching schools in ninth grade, Natalie found a supportive new friend group, but she never forgot how it felt to be the outcas…. Her experiences inspired Natalie to create a new app called Sit With Us.

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