Russia cracking down on Christians

Russia cracking down on Christians
(Image: Sergei Karpukhin/File-Pool Photo via AP)

[Ed. – It’s been a long time.  But silencing and harassing — even persecuting — some Christians, in Christian nations, is happening again.  Europe and America are not immune.  Our laws just do it now on different pretexts.  Letting this continue, regardless of where, sets us all up for the mindset of Islamofascism.]

We all know about the dire circumstances faced by Christians in the Islamic world. Even the White House has finally called what’s happening to Christians in Iraq and Syria “genocide.”

But there’s another place where religious freedom is under assault: Russia.

This is a surprise to some. After all, post-Soviet Russia takes pride in its Christian heritage. Its president, Vladimir Putin, has positioned himself as a champion of Russian Orthodoxy. …

But just ask Donald Ossewaarde if he thinks that Putin and Putin’s Russia are champions of religious freedom. Ossewaarde, a Baptist missionary from the United States, was one of the first people to run afoul of the recently passed “Yarovaya Law”…which purports to be a counter-terrorism and public safety measure…[and] prohibits “religious gatherings in unregistered places,” restricts promoting religion on the internet, and makes it easier for Russian officials to deny entry into and departure from the country. …

Ossewaarde was arrested for holding a Bible study in his home and for posting public notices announcing his Bible study. He was fined 40,000 rubles, roughly $625. And his Russian court-appointed lawyer warned him to accept the fine and leave Moscow. Ossewaarde, however, is appealing his conviction.

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