Trump could win the debate simply by bluffing

Trump could win the debate simply by bluffing

Hillary Clinton is going to be armed with facts, logic and policy chops at tomorrow night’s debate.

It’ll be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Unless Donald Trump has been hitting the briefing books and spending his evenings perusing back issues of National Affairs and The Economist — hey, the man has surprised us before! — it seems unlikely that he will have as many facts and details at his command as Clinton. And it doesn’t matter. Nobody comes out of a debate saying, “Wow, Senator Blutarsky had an impressively detailed answer on how to save 11 percent at the Department of Housing and Urban Development!”

Debates are about style, comportment, authority, the occasional zinger and the dreaded gaffe.

They’re about the direction of the country and who will steer us down the right path.

They’re about matching the emotional temperature of the voters. Now more than ever, they’re also about sizing up which candidate would be less unbearable to see on TV every night for the next four years.

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