Three pieces of debate advice for Donald Trump

Three pieces of debate advice for Donald Trump

The most important thing for Donald Trump to remember is this: The American people are not tuning in to watch a debate. They are tuning in to watch an audition. There are three things Donald Trump can talk to the American people about.

First, corruption. Donald Trump can say, “Hillary, I’ll take it at your word that when you and your husband left the Oval Office, you were – as you put it – “broke.” I want to know, the American people should know, how it is that you and your husband have since earned over $230 million? Since you left graduate school, the two of you have either been running for office or been in office….

Second, change. Donald Trump can say, “Americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction. They are working harder than ever. Many haven’t seen a pay raise in a decade.

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