The racism of the anti-racists

The racism of the anti-racists

[T]he people most obsessed with making everything racial often call themselves anti-racists. This is because anti-racism has become the highest card in the leftist deck.

A couple of weeks back, Britain had its own Black Lives Matter protest. It wasn’t about police brutality or racism, but about airport expansion. A handful of narcissistic idiots disrupted traffic at London City Airport in the name of black people on grounds that, er, climate change affects black people. All but one of the protesters (you’ve probably already guessed this) were white.

Where does it come from, this obsession with race? At first, it was a laudable reaction against institutionalized discrimination. There are plenty of people alive who still remember segregation and apartheid.

So unjust were those systems that a measure of over-reaction was inevitable. If a dose of political correctness is the price we pay for the end of Jim Crow and the overthrow of South Africa’s race laws, I’d say it’s worth paying.

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