Blacks who don’t take animal oppression seriously are ‘siding with white supremacy’

Blacks who don’t take animal oppression seriously are ‘siding with white supremacy’
Image: Black Vegans Rock

In one of her powerful YouTube videos, US writer and vegan Aph Ko reasons that if we, as black people, don’t take animal oppression seriously, we’re “siding with white supremacy.”

It’s a hard-hitting statement that will either evoke intrigue – or a swiftly-issued eye roll from black folks, who refuse to entertain the idea of aligning themselves with animals.

For Pennsylvania-born Ko, race and animal oppression go hand in hand. It’s a view that is held by countless black vegans, but with the promotion of veganism often being dominated by white people, issues of race are frequently overlooked when discussing the lifestyle.

Ko launched her website Aphro-ism, and the digital platform Black Vegans Rock to counter this balance. She will also share her views when she gives two presentations at the upcoming vegan festival VegFest London.

Here, the feminist blogger talks to Life & Style about embracing a meat-free diet and the need for black vegans to discuss animal oppression from their own standpoints.

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