Diabetic gets fired over $1.69 drink; Dollar General must now pay her $278K

Diabetic gets fired over $1.69 drink; Dollar General must now pay her $278K

[I]f your employee needs a drink, especially if she’s diabetic, just let her have it already.

That’s what Dollar General learned after a federal jury sided with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in a case against the retail giant.

The story goes like this. Back in September 2014, an insulin-dependent diabetic cashier in Dollar General’s Maryville, Tenn. store told her supervisor she needed to keep juice near the cash register in case of a hypoglycemic attack. According to testimony at the trial, the supervisor did not allow employees to do this, although the company has a policy that would allow it for those need.

One day, fearing an oncoming attack, the cashier drank a $1.69 (plus tax) orange juice before paying for it. After the symptoms passed, the cashier said she then paid for the juice. After a question about inventory arose, the employee confessed to her brazen crime of drinking before buying to the company’s district manager who then fired said employee for violating the chain’s “grazing” policy.

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