Orlando terrorist transcript: Said he was ‘triggered’ by U.S. strikes on ISIS in Syria

Orlando terrorist transcript: Said he was ‘triggered’ by U.S. strikes on ISIS in Syria
Omar Mateen (Image via My Space)

[Ed. – It’s increasingly weird that U.S. authorities keep saying the Orlando attack was not connected to ISIS.  Americans aren’t stupid: they aren’t incapable of understanding that it’s ISIS’s modus operandi to inspire “lone wolf” attacks.  It’s not some accident every time it happens — it’s the way ISIS works.  This was ISIS, for crying out loud.  What purpose is served by not acknowledging that?]

The gunman who slaughtered 49 people in an Orlando, Florida, nightclub told a police negotiator the attack was a protest against U.S. bombings of Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria. …

Orlando officials on Friday released transcripts of three phone conversations between the shooter and a police negotiator. During the second call, Mateen, a 29-year-old American citizen, said his assault on the nightclub was “triggered” by a U.S. bombing that killed a top ISIS commander in Iraq weeks earlier.

“Yo, the airstrike that killed Abu Wahib a few weeks ago,” Mateen said, referring to a strike that the Pentagon said had killed the senior Islamic State leader and three militants. “That’s what triggered it, okay?” …

In his conversations with the police negotiator, Mateen repeatedly complained about civilians killed by U.S. airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. “What am I to do when my people are getting killed over there,” he said.

When the negotiator asked him to identify himself, Mateen answered, “My name is Islamic soldier,” and, “Call me Mujahideen. Call me the solider of God.” He said he’d pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and expressed admiration for one of the brothers who carried out the deadly Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

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