Dear Hillary: Here’s why you aren’t 50 points ahead

Dear Hillary: Here’s why you aren’t 50 points ahead
What do you mean "us," white man? (Image: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

Wednesday, in a videotaped message to a labor group in Las Vegas, an exasperated-sounding Hillary Clinton closed her remarks by saying, “So having said all that, why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?”

It’s a question Democrats all over the country are asking as the 2016 race heads into the final stretch with their candidate clinging to a small lead over a bombastic billionaire and reality television star. Clinton and her supporters are legitimately bewildered as to why this race is so close.

But it’s not really a mystery. The reasons are plentiful and have been on display throughout the course of the campaign. Let’s start with the millennial generation voters who turned out overwhelmingly eight years ago for Barack Obama and against both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Why aren’t they feeling as “fired up and ready to go” as they were for Obama? Because they’re still “waiting on the world to change,” in the words of the John Mayer song that they hummed at Obama’s 2008 rallies—and because in the last eight years both political parties have added $9 trillion to the national debt that they are on the hook for.

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