Company gives employees voodoo-like felt dolls as ‘loyalty perks’

Company gives employees voodoo-like felt dolls as ‘loyalty perks’
(Image: Moo via Slate)

[Ed. – Fascinating.  The president used to sign a nice letter commending me on 10 years of faithful service when I was in uniform.  I’m not sure which I’d rather have.  It doesn’t really work to stick pins in the letters.  On the other hand, I never had a hankering to stick pins in an employee loyalty perk, so I guess we can just call that even.  There’s probably something I don’t understand here.]

Corporate perks are one measure of a company’s culture. Wall Street doles out cash bonuses to executives; Google keeps employees on campus with free food and playground office spaces. And staff at online print and design company Moo, which makes high-tech business cards, offers its workers a quirky perk as a reward for putting in two years of service: a handmade voodoo-like felt doll fashioned in their very own likenesses by Greece-born, Atlanta-based textile artist Helen Greenstein.

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