Charlotte: 70% of arrested rioters had out-of-state IDs

Charlotte: 70% of arrested rioters had out-of-state IDs
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[Ed. – Yep.  It was this way in Ferguson after about 48 hours.  The only reason Baltimore was a bit different was that there was already an active BLM group there, and so many of the locals had been marshaled and organized beforehand.  In Charlotte, it seems to be more similar to Ferguson.  Less organized radicalism locally — more imported, Soros-contracted rent-a-thugs.]

I am sure we already knew this! Charlotte is being overrun with George Soros paid activist for TV purposes. They want to show anarchy so mainstream media will report it to distract from Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign or whatever Barack Obama is trying to do in his last few minutes as the nation’s so-called leader.

[CNN video at link – Ed.]

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