Maryland woman claims to have found dog paw in Chinese takeout

Maryland woman claims to have found dog paw in Chinese takeout

Stories about restaurant customers finding foreign objects in their food are legion. Sometimes they are even true.

Last December, for example, am employee at a Dairy Queen was captured on a security camera spitting on a hamburger intended for a police officer. But that was child’s play compared to the actions of a grocery who pleaded guilty in 2011 to handing out to customers samples of yogurt laced with his own semen.

Both stories pale next to the assertion by a Maryland woman that a spare rib she ordered from a Chinese restaurant was in reality a dog’s paw.

The customer, Ashley Jefferson, posted a video (which follows) after researching the suspicious-looking “spare rib, writing on social media:

I googled a dead dog paw and took a pic of what they delivered to me … and tell me if I’m wrong but they look exactly the same.

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