NC teacher stomps on flag during ‘First Amendment’ lesson

NC teacher stomps on flag during ‘First Amendment’ lesson
Rights. (Image: Facebook via Fayetteville Observer)

[Ed. – Well, sure.  We could have all kinds of these “Bill of Rights” lessons.  Let’s start with “I can preach Jesus to you,” and move on to “I can keep and bear arms around you,” and get a rousing chorus going of “I can point out Obama is lying through his teeth to you, and you can call me a racist but that won’t shut me up and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it,” and finish up with an “All Lives Matter!” cheer, which you are powerless to stop.  And if you complain that I can’t do that in a high school classroom, I’ll point out the incontrovertible truth that you are a bigot.  You’d never understand what all these rights mean without such impressive demonstrations.]

A history teacher in Cumberland County is coming under fire this morning after he apparently “stomped” on a flag as part of a lesson on the First Amendment.

Pictures have started going viral on social media showing Lee Francis standing over a crumpled flag in front of his class at Massey Hill Classical High School.

A Facebook user named Sara Taylor, who identified herself as a parent of a student in the class, posted the photo and said Francis asked the students for a lighter or scissors. No one had one, she said, which is when Francis put the flag on the floor and “stomped” on it. …

Francis is defending himself on Facebook.

He posted that the lesson was about Texas v. Johnson, a case that upheld that flag desecration was protected by the First Amendment, and the Bill of Rights. …

A friend of the teacher’s commented that Francis was “just showing a point and teaching.”

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