Memo to Eagles, NFL, ESPN and guilty white liberals: Go to hell

Memo to Eagles, NFL, ESPN and guilty white liberals: Go to hell
Philadelphia Eagles players disgrace themselves during the national anthem before Monday Night Football kickoff at Soldier Field. (Image via JfA, Twitter)

The Philadelphia Eagles squared off with Chicago Bears in Chicago tonight (Monday) – in SOLDIER FIELD – Illinois’s largest war memorial.. Yet some of the Eagles still chose to protest the National Anthem.

In a sacred place to Veterans everywhere in America. Everywhere in the world.

I’ve personally had enough. …

My whole life I’ve been doing my best as a white person to spread the idea of equality of opportunity, with the knowledge of just how ignorant judging by skin color is. I’m not going to sit and brag about my charitable activities over my lifespan but it is extensive -ESPECIALLY where it concerns racial inequality.

But buddy – you lost me. Schmell you later. No more.

And lest you think I’m talking about blacks, think again you jerks: This is about white liberals and their sick ilk. You use race and minorities to push forward your agenda and to gain power. You’re the Party of slavery, Separate but Equal, Jim Crow, anti-civil Rights and now this repulsive crap.

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