Hillary Clinton campaign seeks charisma boost from… Al Gore?

Hillary Clinton campaign seeks charisma boost from… Al Gore?
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Rappler)

[Ed. – This is just plain sad.]

Hillary Clinton is having a bad week. She got pneumonia, she almost collapsed, and her lead over Donald Trump in the polls is evaporating.

American voters have never really liked Hillary, but she had been benefiting from the fact that they like Donald Trump even less. Until recently, that is.

Hillary’s low numbers among young voters, a demographic that typically favors Democrats, are particularly shocking.

In light of this bad news, the Clinton campaign has decided it needs to bring in a fresh face, perhaps a hip youngster who relates to millennials, a charismatic figure who… Oh, never mind, it’s Al Gore.

Bill Clinton’s former VP is a few years younger than Bernie Sanders, who was a top draw for millennials during the Democratic primary, but how many young people actually know who Al Gore is?

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