Great news: Obama’s been wiring money to Iran since 2015

Great news: Obama’s been wiring money to Iran since 2015
Red line master. (Image: NBC video via Jihad Watch)

[Ed. – So, Obama did send money to Iran prior to the $1.7 billion ransom payment in early 2016.  But — twist! — he didn’t “have” to do it by shipping pallets of cash.  Curiouser and curiouser.  More on this later.]

It seems that despite what the American people were told U.S. payments of money to Iran did not have to be cash. In fact, Politico has received confirmation that the U.S. wired money to Iran in 2015 before the pallets of cash were delivered to Tehran and in 2016 after the planeloads of cash were delivered. In other words (not particularly shocking) the President and his people lied. …

The Treasury Department confirmed to Politico the U.S. has been wiring millions of dollars to Iran for over a year – before and after the $1.7 billion cash payments. But only after they got caught in their lie. Mark Dubowitz of Foundation for Defense of Democracies during his early September Congressional testimony, and the Weekly Standard last week each detailed two specific payments, which Treasury confirmed were wired: one in July 2015 for $848,072 and one in April 2016 for $8.6 million. The $1.7 billion cash payments were in between, in January and February 2016.

Politico pointed out those two separate payments (that they know about) to the Iranian government contradicted explanations from President Barack Obama and the Treasury department that such payments were impossible.

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