CA: Gov. Moonbeam ponders allowing jailed felons to vote

CA: Gov. Moonbeam ponders allowing jailed felons to vote
The new neighbors. Inmates in California state prison in Chino. (Image via AFF)

[Ed. – Sure, why not.  No one is planning to obey the law now anyway.  There’s no point in it; all the law is anymore is a way to hold law-abiding, responsible people at risk.  What the hell.  Let ’em vote.  The responsible people will just keep arming up.]

The California state Legislature sent a bill to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk last month that would allow felons serving time in county jails the right to vote.

Current California law only allows felons the right to vote after they have completed parole. …

Cory Salzillo, legislative director for the California State Sheriffs’ Association, pointed out to the Daily Signal that “the bill would create an odd circumstance in which inmates out of prison on parole are prohibited from voting, but felons behind bars in county jails could vote.” …

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supports the legislation, pointing out that “three out of every four men in California prisons are men of color,” concluding, “felony disenfranchisement laws are a legacy of Jim Crow.”

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