113-year-old Holocaust survivor has bar mitzvah 100 years later

113-year-old Holocaust survivor has bar mitzvah 100 years later

This Auschwitz survivor is the oldest man in the world, and after waiting exactly 100 years, he’s finally celebrating his bar mitzvah.

Israel Kristal, who turned 113 years old Thursday, was awarded theGuinness World Record for the oldest man in the world earlier this year.

But, the experience was not quite complete when he remembered he had never celebrated the Jewish tradition of becoming a man.

While most boys celebrate their bar mitzvah on their 13th birthday, Kristal, born in Poland in 1903, said “the hardships of WWI” got in the way of his rite of passage.

“When my father was 13 years old, it was the first World War,” his daughter recalled to German newspaper, The Local. “His father was in the Russian army, his mother had died three years before. No one was celebrating in this moment.”

But, 100 years after what should have been his big day, Kristal is preparing to revisit his youth, and finally raise a glass to his bar mitzvah.

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