I was a huge NFL fan, but now that it politicizes everything I quit

I was a huge NFL fan, but now that it politicizes everything I quit
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The debut of the NFL football season is a long-anticipated momen…. But then a backup millionaire quarterback had to ruin everything when he decided to get the cameras refocused on his dimming nameplate.

As anyone with even a passing — sorry,fleeting — interest in the game knows, San Francisco’s once-promising quarterback Colin Kaepernick has rebranded his career downturn as the face of social protest during the national anthem. During the preseason he said he was doing so as a reaction to the oppression blacks face in this country. As we’ve had drilled into our psyche, everything is a problem these days — including being famous and wealthy, it seems.

It is stark understatement to say it is difficult to swallow messaging on social inequities and the unfair structure of our nation from someone blessed with more wealth and fame than I can dream of enduring (I hear it’s a chore). To grasp my resistance to this particular lecture, take a moment to conduct a search engine query: “Kaepernick + Shoe + collection.” That anyone has the temerity to invoke the word “oppression” while possessing enough shoes to shame a Footlocker distributorship proves he is ignorant of the definition for another word: oblivious.

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