Exactly why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?

Exactly why does Hillary Clinton want to be president?
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Tea Partiest)

[Ed. – Excellent question.]

Hillary Clinton is back on her feet. Now, what does she stand for?


“It turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. I talked with some old friends. I spent time with our very sweet dogs. I did some thinking,” she said [on her first day back]. “The campaign trail doesn’t really encourage reflection. It’s important to sit with your thoughts every now and then, and that did help me reconnect with what this whole campaign is about.”

It’s a good question: Just what is this whole campaign about? In a statement ahead of the speech, the Clinton campaign’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri said, “Our campaign readily admits that running against a candidate as controversial as Donald Trump means it is harder to be heard on what you aspire for the country’s future and it is incumbent on us to work harder to make sure voters hear that vision.” Palmieri’s statement seemed like an acknowledgement not just of Clinton’s recent eroding lead but of a fundamental problem that has plagued her since the start of the campaign. It’s always been a little tough to tell what the underlying motivation for Clinton’s candidacy actually was.

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