Facing Clinton stonewall, Congress ponders next move

Facing Clinton stonewall, Congress ponders next move
Jason Chaffetz

The House Government Oversight Committee subpoenaed three key figures in the Hillary Clinton email scandal to testify at a hearing Tuesday. Two declined to testify, citing their Fifth Amendment rights. A third refused to show up at all.

One of those who took the Fifth was Paul Combetta, a technician at Platte River Networks, the company that handled Clinton’s email system. Combetta is the man who actually deleted Clinton’s email archives in March 2015, using the now-notorious BleachBit program. The Justice Department reportedly gave Combetta immunity in its investigation, yet he still refused to talk to Congress.

The other witness who appeared but would not talk was Bill Thornton, an engineer and co-worker of Combetta’s at Platte River Networks who worked on the Clinton system. The subpoenaed witness who refused to show up is Bryan Pagliano, the State Department worker who originally created Clinton’s private system. Like Combetta, Pagliano has received immunity.

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