In divided Berlin, nightclubs unite to ostracize rising ‘populists’

In divided Berlin, nightclubs unite to ostracize rising ‘populists’
AfD rally outside Thuringian state parliament in July 2015. (Image: Screen grab of video posted by Mike Forester, YouTube)

[Ed. – Note the third paragraph below, which is very telling.  It bespeaks many Berliners feeling immune from everything that’s happening, as opposed to the Germans who remember what totalitarian rule was like in the east.  Those whose heritage was the old “West Berlin” seem not to remember that they spent over 40 years surviving only as a heavily armed enclave inside East Germany, their very lives at risk 24 hours of every day.  There was a successful outcome not because their leaders refused to perceive the threat, but because they did perceive it, and took precautions accordingly.]

But [club] impresarios in the city have launched an anti-AfD campaign in advance of Sunday’s regional election, determined to show there is no place for the right in a cosmopolitan migrant-rich metropolis. …

Mr Schwan, who organises Berlin’s annual Love Train, a techno music festival that brings thousands on to the streets, has recruited about 10 venues to display anti-AfD posters. “Sorry, the AfD is not on the list,” says a placard for Hangar Techno. “Dance yourself free from your prejudices,” says one for Burg Schnabel. …

[T]he German capital is a complex political beast. The once divided city sits in the former communist east, where AfD support generally runs higher than in western Germany. But the former West Berlin, which belonged to democratic West Germany, is home to many residents with migrant backgrounds. Migrants and their children compose about a quarter of its 3.5m population.

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