Anti-Arpaio campaign in Arizona probably Soros-funded

Anti-Arpaio campaign in Arizona probably Soros-funded
(Image: Screen grab of Fox 10 video, YouTube)

[Ed. – Soros’s little army doesn’t deploy without Soros money.  There can be little doubt he’s funding this effort to knock off “Sheriff Joe.”]

The new anti-Arpaio group, Maricopa Strong, registered in Arizona on Aug. 29, the day before Arpaio won his Republican primary against three opponents. It is not required to file a report detailing who made donations and spending until Sept. 29.

But county records state Maricopa Strong’s chairwoman is Whitney Tymas, a former public defense attorney in New York and Virginia prosecutor who serves as treasurer for the Soros-funded Safety & Justice national political committee and groups with similar names in Illinois, Florida, Texas and New Mexico.

Tymas did not respond to repeated phone and email messages seeking comment, and Maricopa Strong spokeswoman Tania Torres did not respond when asked by telephone and email if Soros had provided the group with funding.

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