Katie Couric sued for $12 million over misleading gun doc edit

Katie Couric sued for $12 million over misleading gun doc edit
Image: YouTube screen grab (via CBS)

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a non-profit group dedicated to protecting gun owners’ rights to bear arms, has filed a $12 million lawsuit against Katie Couric and the producers of a 2016 documentary on gun violence.

The group claims the way filmmakers edited an interview with Virginia Citizens Defense League members made them look foolish.

“We were horrified to see how Couric and her team manipulated us and the video footage to make us look like fools who didn’t stand up for the Second Amendment,” Philip Van Cleave, President of the VCDL, said. “We want to set the record straight and hold them accountable for what they’ve done. You shouldn’t intentionally misrepresent someone’s views just because you disagree with them.”

Last May Couric said she regretted a “misleading” portion of the documentary that she produced and narrated.

“I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League,” Couric said in a statement.

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