Latest Clinton conspiracy theory is a doozie

Latest Clinton conspiracy theory is a doozie
Fake Hillary? (Image via Twitter)

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s collapse at a 9/11 memorial service Sunday ignited a new Twitter conspiracy regarding the 68-year-old: the possibility that she is using a body double.

Shortly after news broke regarding Clinton’s medical episode that caused her to leave the memorial earlier than planned, the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble began to trend on Twitter.

The Clinton campaign said that the collapse was the result of overheating after she was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Twitter users posted photos of Clinton reemerging from her daughter’s Manhattan apartment and pointed out supposed discrepancies in an effort to prove the woman in the photos was not the former secretary of state but a lookalike.

Some pointed to the fact that Clinton was not flanked by staff or security as she left her daughter’s apartment, despite collapsing and requiring assistance getting into a van just hours before.

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