Don’t let Comey put a criminal in the White House

Don’t let Comey put a criminal in the White House

FBI Director James Comey doth protest too much.

I refer to his “memo to staff” issued Wednesday September 7, four days before the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 and the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi massacre. In the memo, Director Comey assures America that he and his agency are “honest, competent, and independent” and his early decision to recommend no indictment of Hillary Clinton for her various classified information crimes was not difficult.

Hey, Jim. Something  about your memo doesn’t ring true—and it’s not just your prickly tone. I carried a Top Secret clearance for three decades so I got all the briefings and I signed all the papers and I know damn well that Hillary’s grossly negligent handling of classified information—which your investigation documented—is criminal. And somewhere in your Washington-shrunken-soul, you do, too.

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