Washington State AG wants to ban hunting and target rifles

Washington State AG wants to ban hunting and target rifles

Robert Watson Ferguson, better known as Bob Ferguson is the 51-year-old Attorney General for the State of Washington. The fourth generation Washington native is a staunch liberal Democrat who mirrors many of Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s anti-Second Amendment policies.

In a recent statement, Ferguson announced that he is planning to propose legislation that would ban the sale of all semi-automatic rifles and ammunition magazines. The scope of his proposed ban is not known since the legislation has yet to be drafted, but everyone needs to be aware that many of the most popular types of hunting and target rifles are semi-automatic. For the gun novices out there, semi-automatic means that you must pull the trigger for each shot. They are not the rapid fire weapons of mass destruction as many ignorant liberals would have you believe. My dad’s favorite hunting rifle was a Remington 742 semi-automatic 30.06 which had a four-round magazine. The Remington Woodmaster series hunting rifles, regardless of caliber (.244, .280, .308 or 30-06), all popular hunting rifles, would be banned from being sold if Bob Ferguson has his way.

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