Hillary’s almost-faint is legitimately no big deal

Hillary’s almost-faint is legitimately no big deal
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As a doctor, I see near-syncope and syncope routinely — this happens during and after procedures fairly routinely. With near-syncope it is pretty easy to intervene, as Mrs. Clinton’s team did, and prevent the faint.

Why do people faint or almost faint?

The lack of blood flow to the brain that triggers fainting can be caused by a wide variety of things, from anxiety or eating a massive meal all the way to very serious heart problems. …

It certainly isn’t something that disqualifies anyone from being President. Conspiracy theories and wild conjectures about Clinton’s health are so common it’s entirely possible that she didn’t want to make an issue about it or was concerned that this illness [pneumonia] that affects 5.6 million Americans each year would somehow be used to make her appear uniquely weak.

Many people feel they have to work when they should be resting. Others don’t have a choice because of lack of sick leave. Some feel that if they take a few days off because of illness that they will be perceived as weak. It’s possible Clinton thought she was feeling well enough to work.

Many women, myself included, can empathize with her.

Fainting is scary and dramatic, but it’s often “nothing.” Really.

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