Juan Williams: Clintons’ ‘make America great again’ pitches were different ‘in context’

Juan Williams: Clintons’ ‘make America great again’ pitches were different ‘in context’

Leftist reporters and commentators have been tagging the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as bigoted and hateful virtually since his candidacy began. Somehow, even though many of them surely recall it without having to do any research, they’ve managed to fail to note that Bill Clinton used those very words in 2008 to promote his wife Hillary’s presidential candidacy against then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Clinton himself characterized Trump’s slogan as racist earlier this week, even though he also used that exact phrase on at least four occasions to promote his own presidential candidacy in 1992.

Leave it to Fox News’s Juan Williams, who has now admitted that he’s among those who recalls Bill Clinton’s past use of the phrase, to try to pathetically excuse all of this hypocrisy based on “context.”

In a Friday morning appearance on the network’s America’s Newsroom, host Bill Hemmer and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown were having none of it.

In the video segment below, Hemmer let Williams spew for a bit, and then forced him to admit that when he first heard Trump’s use of the slogan, he didn’t consider it racist or hateful. Brown then noted that the slogan is far superior to the one Hillary Clinton’s campaign is using….

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