BREAKING: Did North Korea just conduct a fifth nuclear warhead test?

BREAKING: Did North Korea just conduct a fifth nuclear warhead test?

[Ed. – South Korea fears so.  Keep in mind, Iran and North Korea have collaborated closely on their nuclear programs. Iran probably had scientists present for this event, if it was indeed a warhead test.]

South Korea’s military says it is analyzing whether North Korea has conducted its fifth nuclear test after an earthquake was reported Friday morning.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said a magnitude 5.0 earthquake was detected at 9.30 a.m. local time near Punggye-ri, Kilju County — the same location as four other tests, the most recent of which was in January.

South Korea’s Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn will be convening an emergency National Security Council at 11 a.m. local (10pET).

A US official told CNN that it looked like a nuclear test but confirmation would be dependent on seismic readings, location of the seismic event and whether it can be matched to an underground test site.

The US Air Force is expected to start flying the WC-135 Constant Phoenix Aircraft in the coming hours to take air samples and see if it can determine a nuclear event occurred.

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