The subject of Hillary’s health is now fair game

The subject of Hillary’s health is now fair game
(Image: Screen grab of Amy Adams video, YouTube)

[L]et’s establish some basic understandings. I don’t think that the health of every 68-year-old candidate is automatically suspect. We all know people of equivalent age who are extraordinarily healthy and demonstrate vigor and stamina that would exhaust much younger people. [Hillary Clinton]               ’s been running a relatively grueling presidential race for months, with few setbacks other than some highly visible coughing fits. In watching her day to day, we see no visible evidence she can’t handle the rigors of the job.

However, there is the matter of her testimony to the FBI. The Bureau interviewed her for more than three hours, and during the course of that testimony, she “cited more than three-dozen things that she could not recall.” The Washington Post has a fascinating breakdown of the information she said he couldn’t remember, including any “briefing or training” she received on “the retention of federal records or handling of classified information” or “any specific process for nominating a drone strike.”

Indeed, the list keeps going. She couldn’t remember if she had any specific training on handling Top Secret information associated with Special Access Programs (TS/SAP information, which is among the most sensitive of all national-security data, was found on her homebrew server).

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