Dear media: It is not news when ‘transgender men’ get pregnant

Dear media: It is not news when ‘transgender men’ get pregnant

One of the oldest maxims in journalism is that no one wants to read “dog bites man”stories. Dogs bite people all the time. That’s not news. It’s expected. But when a man bites a dog, that’s a story worth reporting.

Most journalists understand this. When the Chicago Cubs don’t make it to the World Series, or when Michael Bay makes another terrible movie, or when more evidence of Bill Clinton’s adventures in skirt-chasing comes out, it’s not news. It’s just what everyone expects. That is why it’s so puzzling that the media can’t seem to tell the difference between “dog bites man” and “man bites dog” stories about sexuality and gender.

The fourth estate has developed a particular fascination with “transgender men” (biological women who choose to dress and live as men, and sometimes alter their bodies accordingly). Transgender men are not men in any scientifically meaningful sense of the word. They are genetically and (usually) physiologically female.

As such, they often do things that other females do, like get pregnant, have babies, and breastfeed. Yet every time a transgender man gets pregnant, has a baby, or breastfeeds, the media breathlessly report this “dog bites man” story as if it’s news.

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