Black Lives Matter: Climate change, borders are racist

Black Lives Matter: Climate change, borders are racist

On Tuesday, the UK Guardian reported that activists with the UK version of the socialist anti-police group Black Lives Matter shut down London City airport.  The group apparently told the Guardian they believe climate change, or global warming (take your pick) is racist.  So are international borders.

Worse yet, the Guardian article, apparently written by someone in the movement, seems to think it makes “perfect sense.”

“Today’s BLM protest at London City airport makes perfect sense: whether it’s via air pollution or police detention, race inequality is alive and kicking in Britain,” the Guardian said.

The article, headlined, “Climate change is a racist crisis: that’s why Black Lives Matter closed an airport,” says:

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The aim of that last action, when BLMUK shut down major traffic arteries in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Nottingham, was to re-centre the conversation around black lives, here in the UK. In a video we released two days before the action, figures such as Marcia Rigg, whose brother Sean Rigg died in police custody in 2008, spokespeople from Movement For Justice and others laid out our message for the world to hear. And it was clear that in police custody, in prisons, in employment, in education and on our streets racial inequality is alive and kicking in Britain.

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