Labor Day message: Without unions, you’re nothing, dudes

Labor Day message: Without unions, you’re nothing, dudes
The propagandist-in-chief.

To America’s hardworking men and women:

When workers raise their voices for a fair wage and dignity in the workplace, they sustain the story of America:  the idea that if you work hard, you should be able to get ahead, retire with dignity, and leave something behind for the next generation. …

Americans need a voice at work.

For years, labor unions have been the driving force for raising that voice.  But as union membership has fallen, inequality has risen. …

As I’ve said before, if I were looking for a good job that lets me build some security for my family, I’d join a union. …

History shows that working families can get a fair shot in this country—but only if we are willing to organize and fight for it. …

If folks like you keep up the fight, I have no doubt that America will always be a nation where if you work hard you can get ahead and build an even better life for your children.  That’s why I started my career as an organizer all those years ago—and it’s why I believe in you.

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