2-year-old girl slapped with $75 fine for littering

2-year-old girl slapped with $75 fine for littering
Image: Family photo via Providence Journal

[Ed. – Long arm of the law]

Harper Westover, age 2, had never run afoul of the government before. The “Paw Patrol” fanatic lives in Northeast Washington with her parents, who insist she’s just the tidiest, most polite and well-behaved toddler in the nation’s capital. They call her “Harpie.” Sometimes “Lovey.”

But to officials at the city’s Department of Public Works, Harpie is known by another name, etched in capital letters on District of Columbia government letterhead: VIOLATOR.

On Thursday, she received in the mail a “Notice of Violation” reporting that she was being fined $75 for allegedly littering at the end of the alley by her home, on Ninth Street NE.

Officials included evidence of a discarded envelope a city worker had found with a bag of trash in the alley. Exhibit A against Harpie the Violator was a photograph of that unopened envelope addressed to her from Bucky’s Buddies, a kids club for fans of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the alma mater of her mother, Theresa.

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