Newest sex toy is an eggplant — and an emoji

Newest sex toy is an eggplant — and an emoji

There’s a New Yorker cartoon from a while back that depicts a group of researchers studying a focus group from behind two-way mirror. The demographic being studied is a group of millennials with emojis as head, suggesting that popular technology has invaded, and replaced, the space where their minds should be. The caption reads, “We may not understand millennials, but, God as my witness, we’ll take their money.”

It didn’t take long for companies to capitalize on the popularity of emoji. The clever little symbols used in texting and on social media have become ubiquitous within our culture. Companies are now opting to take that ubiquity, and market something much more intimate to tech-savvy consumers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Emojibator, a vibrator designed in the likeness of the eggplant, the most popular phallic-shaped emoji.

“Since the eggplant emoji has penetrated your texting conversations, it has been a definitive sex symbol,” reads the product description. The titillating description continues, “Sexting with yourself is an act that can become even more delightful with the perfect vibrator…finally you can enhance your sexual experience with the sleek eggplant emoji.”

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