NY college hands out ‘privilege’ sheet to incoming freshman

NY college hands out ‘privilege’ sheet to incoming freshman

At Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) incoming freshman are required to attend a seminar on diversity during their orientation. At the seminar, students are handed an “examples of privilege” sheet which lists 38 examples of how students can show “micro aggressions” and “privilege”.

Complimenting fellow students if they’re colored, praying for students, and wearing a baseball cap supporting the Cincinnati Reds are all considered “micro aggressions” in the mandatory seminar.

Hypeline obtained a copy of the sheet handed out in class.

One ‘privilege’ example listed is asking Asian students, “Where are you from?” Another example is a professor refusing to use the preferred gender pronouns/PGPs and preferred name of a transgender student.

MMC’s Office of Student Development & Activities hosts ‘New Student Orientation’ before the start of classes each semester for students. They contend the orientation teaches “critical information” to incoming students, and the sheet above is only one piece of the orientation.

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