Pentagon highly skeptical of Russian alliance in Syria

Pentagon highly skeptical of Russian alliance in Syria
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[Ed. – Of course.  The problem here is Obama, of whom the entire world takes advantage.  We should have no romantic illusions about the good faith of the Syrian rebels either.  But it’s the bad management of Team Obama that has us backed unnecessarily into a corner.]

After weeks of on-again, off-again talks, American and Russian negotiators remain huddled in Geneva, trying to hammer out an agreement on a ceasefire in Syria, and potentially, on coordinating air strikes against jihadist targets there.

But few in the Pentagon, at least, have much faith in Moscow.

“I don’t trust the Russians one iota,” a senior defense official with knowledge of the negotiations told Foreign Policy. “No one thinks that any of this is actually going to come to pass.” …

[A]t the Pentagon…defense officials have continually blasted Russian motivations in Syria and expressed deep misgivings over taking Moscow at its word.

“The Russians are using these talks in Geneva just as a cover to continue taking Daraya and bombing the crap out of the opposition in southwest Aleppo,” the defense official said, “so they can say ‘we’re talking to the Americans,’ meanwhile they’re hitting the ground hard.” …

The former U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, agreed.

“The Syrian rebels have looked at the U.S., and particularly this partnership with the Russians, and said ‘if the Americans are defending the Russians, then the Americans are not credible,’” Ford said.

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