Couple takes in needy family, returns home to find pets dead, trash everywhere

Couple takes in needy family, returns home to find pets dead, trash everywhere

A White County couple tried to do a good deed, but it blew up in their faces.

They let a low income family live in their house, rent-free, in return for watching their pets. But when they returned months later, the house was trashed and most of the animals were dead.

“[It was] disgusting. I had to do leap frogs to find a bare spot in the floor,” said homeowner Catie Bryant.

As Bryant explained, she and her husband moved to South Carolina indefinitely for his job, but they also wanted to keep their house in Georgia. They started looking for a caretaker who could live in the house for free as long as they paid the utilities and looked after the pets.

“We interviewed for about a month, several different people, and she came out multiple times.”

They finally decided on a couple with two children who described themselves as animal lovers. But when Catie Bryant came to visit in August after being away for eight months, the place was a total disaster. The couple originally had five cats that were fixed and stayed outdoors, but they found sixteen cats inside the house without food, water or air conditioning. Nine of those sixteen cats were dead.

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